Leadership Team

109th Scout Group

Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy


Part of South Belfast District


Leadership Team

@ 109th Scout Group



Squirrel Leader (SQL) - Ursla (Red Squirrel)

Helpers - TBC


Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) - Alison (Rainbow)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader - Maureen (Ameek)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader - Dawn (Green Beaver)

Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Leader (CSL) - Gwen (Akela)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader - Richard (Rama)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader - Timothy (Chil)

Young Leader - Dougie C


Scout Leader (SL) - Timothy (Skip)

Assistant Scout Leader - Richard

Assistant Scout Leader - Gwen

Young Leader - Dougie C

Group Scout Leader - Maureen Campbell (Beavers / GSL)

Web editor - Timothy Lynch (Skip - Scouts / Chil - Cubs)



One thing we constantly get asked is: So, how much do you get paid for doing this?


In fact, the 109th Scout Group, just like every other Scout Group is a charity run by volunteers. Our adults do not get paid for the time that they give! Each year will pay a large amount of money to The Scout Association to remain part of it.


We do what we do in return for seeing the development of young people in our local area and because we enjoy what we do. We give our time but would not be able to provide our members with the fun and adventurous activities that we do without your help. As well as providing activities and events for our young members and young adults, we also have a number of bills to pay, badges and equipment, tents and other camping equipment to buy.


If you would like more information on volunterring with us please click here


If your a parent and would like to help our with any of the sections please email us at: volunteer@109thscoutgroup.org.uk


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