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109th Scout Group

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Membership Fees


Membership fees for all sections are explained below


September 2017


This year we will again be freezing the membership fees across all the sections.



Squirrels - £45


Beavers - £55


Cubs - £65


Scouts - £75


Explorers - TBC


All fees above include the £27 per child Membership / Capitation fee paid to HQ.


Unlike previous years we have had an equal fee across all 4 sections, this is no longer viable and limits what we can do with your son / daughter on a section night.


From September 2015, each section fees with be different to reflect the different age groups and what we may need to help run each section.


The membership fee is per child per year and covers cost towards badges, materials and activities (for example crafts) with the section your son / daughter is in.


Capatition Fees


Capitation fees for the year are £27 per member under 18 years old, this is insurance which covers your child when doing all types of scouting activities, from camping to day trips. This is a compulsory fee and must be paid, unfortunately your son / daughter will not be allowed on trips, camps or at the meeting place if this is not paid by the date specified by the leader of each section.



Additional Costs


In all sections activities and events are run which result in additional costs, we try our best to keep these costs to a minuium and throughout the year try to subsidise at least one camp (Cubs / Scouts).


Camps and activities can range from £5 - £35* depending on length of trips and destintations.

The Scout section would have certain camps or activities which would exceed these costs but these would be for camps or acitivities further away.


For further information or you are unsure of any aspect of this please do not hesitiate to email us on


*some camps or trips may well exceed this figure, most notably NIJAM2017 and long trips / events.



Worried about cost?


We don’t want young people to miss out through financial hardship. If concerns about finances may prevent your child taking part in Scouting or some activities, speak to your section leader, as some assistance may be available in confidence.



Cost of Sections


Squirrels - £45


Beavers - £55


Cubs - £65


Scouts - £75


Explorers - TBC



One thing we constantly get asked is:


So, how much do Leaders get paid for doing this?


In fact, the 109th Scout Group, just like every other Scout Group is a charity run by volunteers. Our adults do not get paid for the time that they give! Each year will pay a large amount of money to The Scout Association to remain part of it.


We do what we do in return for seeing the development of young people in our local area and because we enjoy what we do. We give our time but would not be able to provide our members with the fun and adventurous activities that we do without your help. As well as providing activities and events for our young members and young adults, we also have a number of bills to pay, badges and equipment, tents and other camping equipment to buy.


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