109th Scout Group

Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy


Part of South Belfast District




Information below on the sections of 109th Scout Group.


The 109th Scout Group currently has 5 fully operational sections at Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, these are:







This is the ages for the various sections at 109th Scout Group, if your son/daughters birthday falls in the latter half of any of these sections please contact us and will be happy to help you on



For example, if your son / daughter was 7 and a half when they wanted to join the group then they would join the cubs.


Squirrels* - Aged 4 (P1) years to 6 years old


Beaver Scouts* - Aged 6 years to 8 years old


Cub Scouts - Aged 7 and a half years to 11 years old


Scouts - Aged 10 ½ years to 14 years old


Explorers - Aged 14 years to 18 years old


Young Leaders - Aged 14 years to 18 years old


*For younger Siblings of current members if their brother / sister are in any section within the group, we will try our best to get them a place within the squirrel or beaver sections.


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