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Waiting List


Joining and Waiting Lists For our waiting list policy please click here


As much as we would like to take all children as soon as they are interested in joining a section, we only have a limited supply of leaders and have to set safe limits on the number attending meetings.


109th Scout Group run a single waiting list for all of it's sections therefore you only need to register your child once via email here. When young people become too old for one section without the offer of a place (e.g. Squirrels), they will remain on the list and may be offered a place at another section (e.g. Beavers).


Please note that our waiting list is quite long at present and there is no guarantee that your son or daughter will be offered a place.


Priorty places


Priorty is always given to children already in the 109th Scout Group


If a child joins squirrels - then they are guaranteed a place within the group through beavers, cubs and scouts.


Please note:


Squirrels and Beavers are on Friday Evenings


Cubs and Scouts are on Tuesday Evenings


Explorers are on Wednesday Evenings
















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