Waiting List Policy

109th Scout Group

Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy


Part of South Belfast District

Waiting List Policy


Updated March 2017


Places within Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be allocated in the following priority order


  • Children moving from the Group’s Squirrel Drey into Beaver Colony, Children moving into Cubs and from the Group’s Beaver Colony, Children moving into Scouts from the Group's Cub Pack.
  • The children of leaders and full time helpers (those who volunteer to help included)
  • Siblings of existing members (who are in any section)
  • Children who attend and are members of Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy.
  • Children living within the BT10 postcode area
  • All other children


Within these groups priority will be allocated to those children who have been on the waiting list the longest.


The earliest ages that names can be registered on the waiting list are as follows;


Squirrels - 3 years old

Beavers – 5 years old

Cubs – 7 years old

Scouts – 10 years old






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