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  • Scouting is not just for boys


  • Girls have been part of the adventure since 1976


  • Scouting is not a Christian Organisation


  • We're a multi-faith movement


  • Scouting is not for everyone


  • Yet, 30,000 young people are desperate to join, but we need more volunteers to help


  • Scouting is not linked to the army


  • We're the largest membership organisation in the world working for peace


  • Scout Leaders are not just male


  • 44% of our Leaders are female


  • Not all Scouts can be cool*



  • Scouts do not say dyb dyb dyb


  • They havent done since the '60s... but they still do their best


  • Scouting is not about Bob-a-Job week


  • But it is good for getting you a job!


  • Scouts do not just wear green


  • They think green too


  • Scouting does not just happen in a Scout hall


  • You can't do over 200 adventurous activities inside!


  • Scouting is not just about tying knots


  • It's pretty hard to tie one while sailing, climbing or parascending


* But these manage somehow....


  • Sir David Attenborough, naturalist
  • Bear Grylls, Adventurer
  • David Beckham, footballer
  • Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur
  • Jarvis Cocker, musician
  • Billy Connolly, comedian
  • Richard Hammond, tv presenter
  • Lucie Jones, singer and actress
  • James Martin, chef
  • Andrew Murray, tennis player
  • Sir Paul McCartney, musician
  • Barack Obama, US president
  • Joe Pasquale, comedian
  • Jeremy Paxman, journalist
  • Keith Richards, musician
  • Steven Spielberg, film director
  • David Walliams, comedian


Do more.

Share more.

Be more.


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