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BEAR GRYLLS - Chief Scout


Bear (Edward Michael) Grylls is the 10th; and youngest Chief Scout, aged 34. Having been involved in scouting, he then joined the Territorial Army as a Special Forces 21 SAS Trooper, and military service saw him trained in combat survival, parachuting, demolitions, trauma medics and mountain warfare. During one parachute jump he sustained a massive injury breaking his back in three places. After intense military rehabilitation, he made a full recovery and went on to become one of the youngest ever climbers to reach the summit of Everest. He has since been awarded an honorary commission in the Royal Navy as a Lieutenant-Commander, in recognition of his adventurous feats and his determination to help charities and young people.


Bear is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and a Vice President of the JoLT trust which helps young people from troubled backgrounds. Bear actually lives in Wiltshire, is married to Shara and has three sons, aged under six. He try's to balance work as well as supporting various causes, but ultimately his family is top priority and from his view needs to be carefully protected. A practising Christian, Bear's faith is fundamental to him, and he sees it as a backbone and a rock to his family. Bear has travelled extensively to every continent in the world and speaks both French and Spanish, and has a deep respect for diverse faiths and cultures.

His Achievements include: Served for 3 years with the SAS (TA), Youngest Briton to summit Everest, Completed the first unassisted crossing of the North Atlantic in an open rigid inflatable boat, Led the first team to circumnavigate Britain on Jet Skis, Set a world record for the first ever formal open-air dinner party in a hot air balloon at 25,000 feet and flew a powered paraglider over Everest raising 2.5 million dollars for children's charities worldwide, including the RNLI.


Television: Born Survivor and Escape to the Legion (Channel 4) and Man vs. Wild and Ultimate Survivor (Discovery Channel)


Did you know? Bear is the youngest Chief Scout of the UK




Philosophy - "Follow your dreams and look after your family and friends"


Scouting - "Its outdoor adventure backed up by strong values and good friendships"


Faith - "Its about knowing that we are loved despite our many failings, and that's Christianity in a nutshell"



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