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Every year our Group has to report census information to The Scout Association. This is a statistical exercise at the moment, with the number of young people in each section, gender, ethnicity and disabilities. We collect this information only for the census as we are required to and we as a group use it for occasional statistical purposes when applying for large grants/funding projects.


Why do we have a census?


The census allows The Scout Association, at all levels, to obtain information about the number of

members that are taking part in Scouting activities, whether they are young people or adult



What information is required?


On the main census form, the total number of young people of each age and gender needs to be

recorded in the relevant section. Alongside this, we ask for information regarding ethnicity and any

disabilities. This information is anonymous, and enables The Scout Association to understand the

composition of the membership and provide the most appropriate support.


Similar information is required for adult volunteers.


Who handles this information?


Section Leaders are responsible for the Sections data and entering the data for the census. It is important that parents keep information updated to help with this process.


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