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Photos & Media


The various sections regularly take part in a wide range of activities, organised at a Group, District, County or National level and we regularly take photos/videos. Many of these involve challenging activities, which the young people involved often like evidence to prove that they have taken part.


How to i view photos & media from the 109th scout group?


From September 2017 the 109th Scout Group will be placing all photos & media on our flickr account, parents of members only will be emailed a guest pass to access the images and will be free to view and at times download. Please note this pass will be reset every September to prevent misuse or people accessing the pictures once they leave the group. We may reset the pass at any time if we feel we need to.


*We cannot always take photographs at events but we try our best to, when we do it is not always possible to capture every member at the chosen event but we try to get a least one picture of each*


My son / daughter has been to Scouting event, how long till the photos and media are uploaded to the flickr site?


This may vary due to work commitments, we will try to get pictures on as soon as possible and less than a week after the event.


Why is the 109th Scout Group using flickr?


We feel flickr provides the best solution for us to provide parents with access to these images and media, the site provides the opportunity to whom can view and lets us keep control of the images and ensure only members and family can view the pictures. These pictures will not be viewable by the public.


My son / daughter has left the group, can i still access the pictures?


Unfortunately not, once your son / daughter leaves the group you will have access until the 1st of September of that year then the guest pass is reset and emailed out to current members only.


If you require access to the images after your son / daughter has left, please contact us at and we can provide 24 hour access, please give an explantation for needing access when you contact us.


More information on Photos & Media


In addition, images of the young people enjoying Scouting can be extremely useful for publicity purposes, internally (e.g. for use in the Group newsletter), externally (private Facebook page, Group website and sent to local newspapers), and on display boards etc. in the headquarters.


Photographs and video footage of the youngsters in the activities may also be used as a training aid (both adult and young people) or as validation of adult training.


At Group events it is relatively easy for the Leaders in charge to take suitable and agreeable photographs of the children involved. At larger events such as District or County events, it is not necessarily possible for the Leader to dictate what photographs might be taken or the specific end use of the photographs. However as the photographs would be taken as part of a Scouting event they would need to comply with The Scout Association’s Child Protection Policy, as would photographs or video images taken during Group events.


Please ask if you have any questions concerning this. If we wish to use photos for any other purposes we will seek your permission.



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