109th Scout Group

Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy


Part of South Belfast District



Irrespective of a member’s age, a young person in the Movement is a ‘Scout’.


The balanced Programme spans the 6-25 age range which is made up of five Sections. Each Section has its own identity, ethos and style. They all have adult support that varies in style across the different age groups.


  • A Squirrel Drey has members aged between four and six. (must be at least P1 to join)


  • A Beaver Scout Colony has members aged between six and eight. (6 month flexibility applies)


  • A Cub Scout Pack has members aged 8 - 10½. (6 month flexibility applies)


  • A Scout Troop is for young people aged from 10½ - 14 years (6 month flexibility applies)


  • An Explorer Unit is for young people aged from 14 - 18 years (flexibitiy 13½ - 14½)


These are all part of the Scout Group.



A Scout Network is for young people aged 18-25 years old.


There are several important things, which make Scouting different from many other youth organisations:


  • We are a uniformed movement
  • We use ‘Sixes’ and ‘Patrols’ of about 6 young people who work together, learning from and supporting each other
  • We involve young people in decision making as part of their development



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