Who's Who

109th Scout Group

Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church, Finaghy


Part of South Belfast District

Who's Who @ 109th Scout Group


Uniformed Leaders



Squirrel Leader (SQL) - Ursla (Red Squirrel)

Helpers - TBC


Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) - Alison (Rainbow)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader - Maureen (Ameek)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader - Dawn (Green Beaver)

Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Leader (CSL) - Gwen (Akela)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader - Timothy (Chil)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader - Richard (Rama)



Scout Leader (SL) - Timothy (Skip)

Assistant Scout Leader - Gwen (ASL)

Young Leader - Dougie C

Group Scout Leader - Maureen Campbell (Beavers / GSL)

Web editor - Timothy Lynch (Skip - Scouts / Chil - Cubs)




Liz - Group Treasurer

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