Scouting at Home

Scouting at Home

While we’re not meeting face to face, there’s still plenty Scouts can do at home.

During the current break from normal Scouting meetings we are bringing Scouting to you via email and social media.

How it works.

Each week we will bring you a new challenge on our weekly email and / or social media.

There are four steps

  1. Try it and have FUN with it
  2. Photograph or record it
  3. Share it with us.
  4. Keep a dairy or scrap book of all your work.

You can email it to your section email address or send it via your sections 'Closed' Facebook group. Some of the challenges may require equipment, we will publish a list each week, for parents to get a heads up on the following weeks challenge.

Other activities

We also have a growing list of activities, links and interesting things for all ages to do at home. These are in no particular order and may appear as the weekly challenge.

Scout Rainbows

Colour in and put on windows to spread hope and the stay at home message.

Share pictures of your rainbows with your leaders, family and friends

Scout Rainbow

Scouting at Home

Theres's still plenty Scouts can do at home.



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All about badges

Badges at home

Click below for information on badges that be earned through Scouting.

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"Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

Do more.

Share more.

Be more.


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