Being a Squirrel

Squirrels - 4 - 6 Years old (P1)

Try new things

Squirrels enjoy making friends, playing games, singing, making things, listening to stories,

and miming, being creative and learning about themselves.

Who are Squirrels?

They are young people aged from 4 years - 6years. As our group is currently oversubscribed we take children in from P1. Younger only if spaces available. Around 6th Birthday they move up to the next section Beaver Scouts.

Squirrels who when they meet collectively are known as a Squirrel Drey. Young people can join Squirrels on their fourth birthday and then can move to the next Section, Beaver Scouts, when they are six. 

What do Squirrels do?

Have fun, do lots of crafts, play games, sing songs and have stories told.

The Drey is led by a Squirrel Scout Leader (Red Squirrel) assisted by one or more Assistant Squirrel Scout Leaders (ASSL) and one or more helpers.

Aims of the Squirrel Programme


The Squirrels motto is FUN & FRIENDS.

This is achieved through a balanced program which includes some of the following:

  • Learning About Yourself
  • Getting to Know Other People
  • Discovering Creativity and Practical Skills
  • Playing Games and having Fun

The Investiture 

This event usually takes place after your child has been with the drey for several weeks. The Squirrel leader or one of their deputies will be present at the normal weekly meeting and will ask your son/daughter to repeat the words of the promise after them. Your new Squirrel Scout will then be presented with their Group Scarf & Woggle which they must wear throughout their time in the Group. This is an important occasion and parents are invited to attend.

Moving Up to Beavers

Your son / daughter will be eligible to move on to Beavers when s/he is approximately 6 years old (min age 5 ¾) and will move up in September or January.

The Squirrel Promise is

'I promise to be a good Squirrel and to love God'

The Squirrel Sign is a raised and bent index finger of the right hand.

Activities include making things, playing games, singing, listening to

stories, toy nights, miming etc.

Joining Squirrels

Each Squirrel is required to wear their uniform every week, and learn and understand the Squirrel Scout Promise and Prayer.


Try new things


Squirrels are for boys and girls aged from 4 - 6 years old and it is recommended you get your child’s name down well in advance.

Note: Waiting list in place

Do more.

Share more.

Be more.


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